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Step 1 – Join the Workforce Pathway

Step 1 Join the Workforce Pathway

The Workforce Pathway: A Great Choice for Graduating Seniors in Sheboygan County

Sheboygan County is a terrific place with some unique labor market trends that have made the choice by a high school graduate to enter directly into the workforce a great step towards a fulfilling career.  Consider these facts about Sheboygan County:

        • In Sept., 2020, the state unemployment rate was 5.4%.  In Sheboygan County, it was so much better at 2.3%!  In fact, Sheboygan County historically has a far lower unemployment rate than other parts of the state of Wisconsin, meaning there is available work for our students.
        • In the first week of Nov., 2020, there were 500 unfilled entry level positions that pay $16/hour or better.  That’s an annual salary of around $33,000 for a student right out of high school.
        • Contrary to what people may believe, there are lots of high school graduates from the school districts in Sheboygan County that choose to enter directly into the workforce.  In fact, for all the graduates in the county from the Class of 2018, about 30% of them chose to go to work right after high school.
        • Not surprisingly, the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development indicates that over half of all the jobs in Sheboygan County are in the areas of Manufacturing & Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.

It’s clear that there is a place for students in Sheboygan County that make the choice to go directly into the workforce.  With that in mind, the Workforce Pathway has been created in order to give Sheboygan County high school graduates as much advantage as possible as they transition to their young adult lives.


Step 2 – Workforce Orientation

Step 2 Workforce Orientation

Ever wonder what is necessary to apply for and get a full time job? This step of the Workforce Pathway will prepare you for the Real World with workshops for interviewing strategies, writing a resume, and learning the ins and outs of filling out applications. These sessions are hosted by the very people that hire for local employers!

You’ll also have the opportunity to have a one on one career conversation about YOUR plans and what it might be like for YOU to enter the workforce. Discuss your plans, ask questions, talk about your skills, and gain some clarity about what your path could look like!

Step 3 – Career Experiences

Step 3 Career Experiences

Our goal is for you to graduate with a plan informed by experiences and connections made through Inspire. Our employers have put together a calendar of events focused on giving you a realistic view of their company: what they do, what the culture is like, the people that work there, and why it might be a good fit for you. You can register for as many sessions as you like.


Step 4 Real World Experience

Youth Co-op

The youth co-op is a 9 week, paid, educational work experience for students to get a feel for the careers available within a company. By shadowing professionals, learning from mentors through hands-on experiences, and seeing a variety of roles and departments, students can feel confident making decisions about their future based on their experience in a youth co-op role.

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