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How to acquire your dream internship and job

For many students, internships are a stepping stone towards a promising career. However, securing an opportunity is an arduous task-something that requires work! Having an immaculate resume alone cannot guarantee you that dream internship, if you don’t plan ahead of...

Leveraging the power of Social Media

Finding a job right after graduating from college can be excruciating! Thanks to the advent of social media, reaching out to prospective employers has never been simpler. However, using social media effectively, requires strategy and planning. While you are gearing...

Professional Journey: Janine Lynaugh

Although Janine Lynaugh is “just” in her early 20s, she has already earned a leadership position at Meals On Wheels of Sheboygan County, where she serves as food service director, overseeing a staff of five and managing hundreds of volunteers throughout the year. Read...

Professional Journey: Jessica Grosshuesch

Some people are fortunate to discover a job they are passionate about early on in life and follow a path straight to their career destination. I’ve been lucky enough to find not only the job I love, but have pursued my passion for learning throughout my journey. Read...

Professional Journey: Sue Niesen

For five years and nine months, Sue Niesen was a front desk clerk at the Inn on Woodlake. She enjoyed working with the public, and especially the PGA golfers while she was there. From there, she became a receptionist at the corporate offices of Piggly Wiggly. For...