Finding a job right after graduating from college can be excruciating! Thanks to the advent of social media, reaching out to prospective employers has never been simpler. However, using social media effectively, requires strategy and planning. While you are gearing your efforts towards establishing rapport with the potential employers, the employers too, are using social media strenuously to identify the right candidate for the job, access their personal data, and thereby making informed hiring decisions by maximizing the job fit and minimizing potential liability.

The question is, what can you do as a job seeker to get on radar of influence, and acquire the job that you desire?


Update your profile

First and foremost, it is pertinent that you keep updating your profile, and ensure that it is the same across all the social media platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great platforms to establish your social media presence within the industry. Use industry key words to increase your visibility and to be able to rebrand yourself in that specific industry. Lastly, don’t shy away from requesting recommendations from your current employers, colleagues and clients.


Reach out to Influencers

Every Industry has an array of target influencers that you would want to get acquainted with in order to put yourself out there and increase your credibility. Inspire, is one of the platforms that can help you tremendously in terms of creating a liaison between you, and the potential employers. It will help you connect with prominent business leaders, and find out how they acquired their current stature in their perspective fields.


By Sana Kalia

Social Media- INSPIRE Sheboygan County