Educators, Inspire Sheboygan County can help you guide your students in building and developing their academic and career plans (ACPs).

What is INSPIRE Sheboygan County?

Learn more about the exciting INSPIRE Sheboygan County opportunities available that helps engage your students in building and developing their career plans. INSPIRE Sheboygan County is an online tool which helps students and career-seekers achieve their future career goals by bridging the gap between school and the work world. INSPIRE Sheboygan County creates a platform in which area students and job-seekers, and you as educators, can actively interact with area employers and career coaches with the goal of:

  • Helping students find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom.
  • Engaging students early in thinking about their careers.
  • Making a positive impact our region’s graduation rates.
  • Supplementing classroom instruction.

How can educators participate?

  • Do you want to connect to a company to enrich your classroom experience?  Fill out the form below!

Add A School

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