Professional Journey: Steve Oplatek

I have always been intrigued by how things worked. My father would take us to museums every chance we could get, and my favorite was, and still remains, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. So, from a really young age, I wanted to be an engineer of some kind — I just didn’t know what kind. I had always had a natural talent for math and science, and my dad always encouraged me to push myself and learn new things. He always told me: “Once you learn something, it’s yours — no one can take it away from you.”

Professional Journey: Matt Barens

I’ve always been the curious type. I still remember the first time I got scolded for destroying a toy. It was a remote-controlled race car I had just received for my birthday. Mom was fairly mad I had taken it apart, but quickly calmed down when she realized I was having more fun taking it apart than I had when it was working. That was the start of my journey — and no, the car never worked again.

Professional Journey: Ben Wynveen

As I look back on my childhood, my father — who happened to be licensed professional engineer and is now retired — taught me about the world through an Erector set, Legos and The History Channel. He helped me to learn that this world as a whole is comprised of pieces that fit together in various ways to create something new. Click the link below to read more about Ben:...

Professional Journey: Tammy Flora

Knowing your strengths is a critical step to determine your career path.

Career Experience: Rockline and Kohler

Manufacturing….the Pit of Despair???? by Steve Schneider, School Counselor, Sheboygan South HS   My oldest daughter is home for the summer after her first year in college.  She has a summer job at a local manufacturing facility, working hard (50+ hrs./week) to help pay for her education.  What’s interesting to me is that when I would mention this to people, I would often hear in response, “Oh, that experience should really keep her motivated to stay in school now that she knows what the alternative is.”  In fact, I’d heard it so often that a thought came to me. “I should get into some of these manufacturing facilities to see firsthand what these ‘dens of discontent’ that my very own child is working in are really like.”   So I put out the call through Inspire Sheboygan County.  “High school counselor with some summer time on his hands, willing to come into your facility to learn what it is you do.”  Pretty soon I had some takers.  Kohler Company and Rockline Industries, both major players in the manufacturing community of Sheboygan County (well, actually, the world…but they are headquartered in Sheboygan County!) contacted me with a message of welcome.  It didn’t take too long for them to put together a multiple day itinerary for me to follow to get an in-depth look into what makes it possible for them to produce their products.   I wasn’t sure what to expect as a result of these ventures of discovery.  Is what people say true?  Is a job in manufacturing really such a distressful situation that it’s used as the measurement against which a person...

Professional Journey: Randy Kulow

This exploration included helping my dad work on go-carts and snowmobiles, where I learned to take things apart and attempted to put them back together myself. He taught me to be organized and dedicated, to visualize success and to hold myself accountable for the outcome of a project.  ...

Professional Journey: Paul Geise

It is everyone’s business and in everyone’s best interest to help prepare and position our next generation for success. Educational reformer John Dewey aptly expressed, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Professional Journey: Marilyn Morrissey

As a young student, I was told by family and teachers that I could do anything I wanted and that the world was mine to explore, with endless possibilities. How wonderful is that to hear? Visit Article:...

Student: Emily Jablonski

Lutheran High offers faith-based learning experience. School mission trip provides faith-based learning. Editor’s note: This is the fourth installment in a series of stories written by Sheboygan County students about their peers’ career plans. The series is meant to highlight the different ways area schools are preparing kids to achieve their career goals and supporting students as they explore career options Visit Article:...

Professional Journey: Peter Geise

Explore career interests before choosing a college. Too often students receive their diplomas and still don’t know what field to pursue. This is one in a series of articles written as a joint project between Sheboygan Press Media and INSPIRE Sheboygan County to highlight the different ways students are preparing to achieve their career goals. Visit Article:...